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Big Square Hero

In Big Square Hero, your simple task is to protect your square base against the wicked balls .

Destroy the balls using the rectangle by CLICKING ONCE to move it into the direction of your will.

But don't be afraid, young and big hero , because some of the balls have turned against their own kind and they are willing to help you fight their own.

The RED BALL gives you Super Speed.
The YELLOW BALL makes your sword extends to the whole screen.
The BLUE BALL slows down the balls.

Big Square Hero can provide countless hours of fun in a competitive environment provided by the global leaderboard.

You, the hero, can go against others half across the global via the global leaderboard in a big competiton.

Now ,in Big Square Hero, there's a new Timed Mode.
Eliminate the treats and survive for 60 seconds in the arena.

Prove your worth, hero. Be the One the world expects you to be and take all the glory !

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